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Seein-apps is your first crypto investment based video game.

Seein-apps allows you to have fun with your cryptocurrencies investments.
Become the best player, achieve challenges, explore other cities, make friends.

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Aurélien Onimus, our CEO, gives his vision of this new world of assets.

Our Vision

At Seein-apps, we are convinced that every asset worldwide from crypto to real estate will have a digital or physical twin thanks to technologies like Blockchain.

Our Mission

In this brand new world,  we believe investments will become a way of communicating creativity, personal performance and social belonging.
That's why our mission is to
make investment fun.


Generate your city by plugging your wallets : Web 2 and Web 3 !

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Join and create best crypto communities, enroll in competitions, tease your friends

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And much more !


Follow evolution of your portfolio, track your performances, design your wallet

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Why Seein-apps ?

Individuals will more and more invest in cryptos, companies or other types of assets.
This is becoming less and less easy to manage....

Seein-apps gives a global vision of all your investments

Investors are looking for communities before investing, but who to trust ?

Seein-apps reads in real time data linked to investments so that each one can prove s.he bought or sold

Investment is boring and lonely. In our today world where everything is linked to creation, is it right to only see finance through the vision of numbers and curves ?

Seein-apps makes your investments look like a city so that you track performances,  show off, and most of all, HAVE FUN !

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We believe ideas alone never work, however, we know execution and strategy are keys to succeed, so here is our roadmap. Please keep in mind we are open to change it if you want us to build something better !

3D city for individuals and communities

Customization tools

Premium features

Become The  n°1 plug and play tool to gamify and socialize investment whatever the type of asset (from cryptos to real estate)

Our mantra
"Ship fast, deliver often"


At Seein-apps, we are strongly committed. We are believers and builders of the new era of the Internet : Web 3


Aurélien Onimus

Aurélien Onimus
Co-founder & CEO
MIT x Inseec (Major 2018) Blockchain Author @Eyrolles Blockchain speaker
@Université Sorbonne Paris 1

Pierre Moradei

Pierre Moradei
Co-founder & CTO
10 years in software dev Tech lead blockchain projects


Marc Simeoni

Marc Simeoni
General Advisor
Ex-CEO & Co-founder @volpy.com
PhD strategic management, Stanford SCPD

Andrea Bonapersona

Andrea Bonapersona
Web3 Product & Tech Advisor
CEO @Trendex
(YC S22)


Mojo App

CEO @Mojo-App
Y Combinator Alumni YC2018
and a lot of other entrepreneurs from tech sectors to more traditionnal ones


Former CTO & Cofounder @ Jellysmack
Unicorn company since 2021

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Public investment bank - BPI France


To join our adventure and be part of our very first believers, feel free to join social networks below. You will find other investors like you, other passionates, other entrepreneurs, other web3 believers.
We are 100% dedicated to build the most fun product for crypto lovers, feel free to contribute, give feedbacks so we get better.

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We are also on Product hunt, you can vote for us !

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We already have more than 200 users, not a lot for the moment, but we are very proud of it ! Here is what some of them think about Seein-Apps.com

"This tool helps young people access to the complicated crypto world. Investment is made educative and fun and we are very sure of who really invested. I really like the approach, can't wait to see next steps !"

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"Seein-apps allows me to visualize my crypto wallet. It gives possibilities to have a dynamic, fun and interactive vision of my cryptos. I can also see other's portfolio and have fun with what I own. Very innovative approach, awesome !"

Testimonials Seein-apps


"It allows me to socialize around my investments, make my positions alive, visual and tangible"

Testimonial Seein-apps