Generate your crypto city

We make your crypto journey lucrative and fun during bear and bull market.

Cryptos made fun

For degens, crypto investors & gamers

In Seein-apps, your cryptos become a city which serves to challenge, explore, socialize with investors.

Weekly tournaments based on 10 k$ fictive value are taking place 5 times a week to learn, have fun and earn real money.

The more you customize your city, the more you can enjoy tournaments and more broadly, the adventure !

SeeinappscitySeeinapps tournaments


Generate your crypto city : enter values, plug exchanges or wallets.

Cube Seein-apps


Enroll in competitions, tease your friends, become the best performer of the community.

Bitcoin Seein-appsCoinbase Seein-appsPhantom Seein-appsMetaMask Seein-apps

And much more !


Follow evolution of your portfolio, track your performances, design your wallet

Gameboy Seein-apps

Financial Partners

Corsican Seed Funds Co financed by European Development Fund - FEDER

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Business Angels

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Nicolas Alfonsi
Founding partner @ Jellysmack
Unicorn since 2021

Francescu Santoni
CEO @ Mojo (YC alumni 2015)

Joseph-Olivier Biley
CEO @ Jool International
Innovation Ambassador in West Africa

And 8 other business angels from Web3 , tech to more traditional industries...


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We are early believers and builders of the new era of the Internet : Web 3.


Aurélien Onimus

Aurélien Onimus
Co-founder & CEO
MIT x Inseec (Major 2018) Blockchain Author @Eyrolles Blockchain speaker
@Université Sorbonne Paris 1

Pierre Moradei

Pierre Moradei
Co-founder & CTO
10 years in software dev Tech lead blockchain projects


Marc Simeoni

Marc Simeoni
General Advisor
Ex-CEO & Co-founder
PhD strategic management, Stanford SCPD

Andrea Bonapersona

Andrea Bonapersona
Web3 Product & Tech Advisor
CEO @Trendex
(YC S22)

Aurélien Onimus, our CEO, give you a short introduction to our app.

Our Vision

At Seein-apps, we are convinced that every asset worldwide from crypto to real estate will have a digital or physical twin thanks to technologies like Blockchain.

Our Mission

In this brand new world,  we believe investments will become a way of communicating creativity, personal performance and social belonging especially for Gen Z and Millenials.
That's why our mission is to
make crypto investment fun.

Frequently asked questions - FAQ -

What is Seein-apps ?

Is it safe to use Seein-apps ?

Is my privacy safe here ?

Why a crypto city and tournaments ?

How to generate my crypto city ?

How to claim my crypto city ?

How to participate in crypto squad tournaments ?

How do tournaments work ?

How to interact with Seein-apps community ?


500+ users, 2000+ community members, here is what they say about seein-apps.

I like the fact that it can detects what cryptos are in all your Wallets and help track the return on investments and I can also win money by winning the crypto squad tournament.
And lastly, I would tell my friends seein-apps is a great way to track all your crypto investments without having to check each wallet one after the other


I like that the city shows a red color when the price of the coin is going down.
Also, I like the 3d city building it's fun to play around with it. It's perfect.


Personally I like the plan of seein-apps, the way you can see your investments in 3D like clash of clans game haha. And the fact every investment can be monitored from a single app is really nice, the tournaments and competitions in-app too are cool.


What I like the most about seein-apps is the fact that I can track all my crypto investments (even though I don't have much) and still win money. I believe this app will be really useful for whales that have lots of cryptos here and there.


I like the whole concept and idea behind seein-apps, it's a really useful software.


Few hours after using seein-apps, I can say I like it; the idea and UI.


I feel I haven't used seein-apps enough to give a detailed feedback, but from the little user experience I've gotten, it's a great app with a simple and very user friendly interface, I like the idea though.


Well, in my opinion, seein-apps is superb and unique at the same time.
I like everything about it especially the competitions/tournaments.
I am totally cool with Seein-apps and I wish the team and project all the good luck and success there is.


So far, I think seein-apps is a great project and also gonna be an important app in the future, I love it tbh.
I believe seein-apps will be as big as coingecko and the likes cos it's more fun to track your portfolio and that of others'.


So far, I love seein-apps, love the tournaments and the fun that's felt looking at your crypto investments even in bad Market conditions.