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Get your unique skin representing a cryptocurrency, start showing off with friends, get early access on new Seein-apps releases.

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Use our skins to :
1. Underline your belief in a specific crypto & project by using the skin in your Seein-apps portfolio,
2. Share and enjoy your investment accomplishments alone or with friends with your skins,
3. Finally have a way to make your cryptos tangible !

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As our product is mainly based upon representing crypto assets as visual, shareable art, we can easily imagine that the value of NFTs themselves will be directly correlated with the value our platform brings to users. Plus, the value of our NFTs will presumably vary following the performance value of crypto. If bitcoin goes up, our skins for bitcoin asset will presumably get higher.

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Are these skins only collectibles ?

These skins are : utilities, collectibles and in a certain time, gaming supports.

These skins represent very first collections, we are now building the product, we are an  early stage start-up. This is the perfect time to buy one of our NFT, not to mention visual representation is the intrinsic value of our product.

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